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The Pet Project Midwest (TPPM) is making the world a better place through kindness to animals. The Pet Project Midwest is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping pets with the people who love them through proactive programming. We receive financial support through private donations, corporate sponsorships and grants. Our management team is an unsalaried board of directors.


We believe:

The way we treat animals says much about our view of the world. Therefore, kindness to animals creates a kinder world. That’s the world we believe in. That’s the world we support. That’s the world we’re going to build, one person at a time.Is this the world you believe in? If so, join us.Come on. We can do it. Together. We just have to believe.


  • No family should have to give up their pet because they can’t afford its food.

  • The best way to make sure all animals are loved is to spay and neuter.

  • The best way to make sure all animals are loved is to find them the right homes.

  • The best home may not always have four walls and a front door; homeless people need animal companionship, too

Our impact:

Check out this document to see how we helped the community in 2022.

Give us a call: 515.727.4738

current board


Tammy Crall, President

Sam Dee, Treasurer

Maria Torres, VP

Dani Good, Secretary 

Cayla Nord, Communications Chair

Jamie Angove,

Past President

Sara Henderson,

IPA Chair

Tyler Redenbaugh

Rick Kozin


We are extremely grateful to those who’ve poured blood, sweat & tears into TPPM in our formative stages. We offer a special thanks to former members of our board of directors:


Adam Lathrop
Amanda Mallonee

Anne Bach

Becky Mollenkamp

Carrie Blackburn

Chris Alleman

Courtney Tompkins

Deena Zymm

Emily Schrad

Eric Culp

Heather Wilkerson

Holly Hartling

Joe Nolte

Justin Rogers

Karla Rendall

Kim Hanlon

Kitte Morehouse

Kristen Pudenz

Lucas Langosh

Shannon Tuhn

Monica Wimber

Rachael Woods

Rachel Wegmann

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